CATE Thesis and Dissertation Awards of Recognition

The Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE) sponsors these awards that recognize theses and dissertations in the field of teacher education. The award is open to students who have defended at a Canadian University in the calendar year preceding the application deadline.

CATE/ACFE Parameters on Teacher Education
The awards serve to promote teacher education research and scholarship in pre-service education, in-service education, and professional development, showing evidence of connecting and contributing to the body of literature in any one or combinations of these areas.

For a thesis or dissertation to be considered for a Recognition award, the study must directly address the field of teacher education not only in the conclusion, but throughout the research. The study must also connect to one or more of the following topics: (1) Teacher education and societal issues, (2) The study of teacher education practice, and (3) Challenges and possibilities for teacher education.


1) Teacher education and societal issues

Under this heading, the research may address issues related to practice or policy in teacher education:
a) new teacher education standards
b) assessing the outcomes of teacher education
c) preparing teachers to meet the needs of diverse populations
d) teacher education in a global society
e) the research base for teacher education
f) collaborating with arts and sciences faculties
g) recruiting a more diverse teaching force and teacher education faculty
h) school-based and partnership-based teacher education
i) alternative approaches to teacher education
j) high stakes testing and impact on preparation of teachers
k) leadership in 21st century schools of education
l) education of teachers at in-service levels

2) The study of teacher education practice

Under this heading, the research may examine teacher education practices through a wide variety of settings:
a) self-study of teacher education research, design and practice
b) the knowledge base of teaching and teaching about teaching
c) the process of learning to teach
d) the nature of teacher education
e) the professional development of teachers and teacher educators
f) critical approaches in teacher education

3) Challenges and possibilities for teacher education

Under this heading, the research may consider the effects of rapid social and cultural change on teacher education. This area also includes research that can inform the transformation of education through teacher education. These challenges and possibilities include:
a) the impact of new cultures and globalization on teacher education curriculum and pedagogy
b) new collaborations and partnerships between universities and schools
c) schools and other social service agencies’ roles in regards to teacher education
d) the consequences of community and family new configurations for teachers’ work
e) generational and cultural change in schools and teacher education institutions
f) new technologies and teacher education
g) the impact of higher education policy and funding on teacher education.


Successful applicants work will be honoured with responses from the review panel at the CATE post-AGM celebration of Teacher Education in Canada. Applicants must indicate that they will be able to present their thesis/dissertation in poster type format at the CSSE conference (Ryerson University, Toronto ON, dates TBA). The faculty supervisors will be invited to make a short presentation on the award winners and their studies. Successful applicants will receive a certificate of recognition and free membership to CATE in the subsequent year, however, all costs related to travel and conference registration are to be covered by the candidates.

Thesis or dissertation completed or defended between June 1st, 2018 and May 31st, 2019.

Submission Requirements
To have your thesis or dissertation considered for an award complete the application form and send a letter of recommendation from faculty supervisor.

All applicants must indicate if they have submitted their thesis or dissertation to other CSSE associations to be considered for an award.

Please submit your application by Thursday, March 1st 2019 in an electronic form (Word or PDF) to Jodi Nickel – CATE Past-President

Mount Royal University

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