Polygraph Book Series


Initial Teacher Education in Ontario: The First Year of Four-Semester Teacher Education Programs

edited by
Diana Petrarca and 
Julian Kitchen (2017)

ISBN: 978-0-9947451-7-0

Canadian Perspectives on Initial Teacher Environmental Education Praxis


edited by

Douglas D. Karrow, 
Maurice DiGiuseppe, 
Paul Elliott, 
Yovita Gwekwerere, 
and Hilary Inwood (2016)

ISBN 978-0-9947451-5-6

Conference Keynote Presentations 2009-2013


edited by

Lynn Thomas (2016)


ISBN 978-0-9947451-4-9


Handbook of Canadian Research in Initial Teacher Education


edited by

Thomas Falkenberg (2015)

ISBN 978-0-9947451-3-2

The Complexity of Hiring, Supporting, and Retaining New Teachers Across Canada


edited by

Nancy Maynes and 
Blaine E. Hatt (2015)

ISBN 978-0-9947451-2-5

Drama, Theatre and Performance Education in Canada: Classroom and Community Contexts


edited by

Mindy R. Carter, 

Monica Prendergast and 

George Belliveau (2015)

ISBN 978-0-9947451-1-8

Foundations in Teacher Education: A Canadian Perspective


edited by

Theodore Michael Christou and
 Shawn Michael Bullock (2013)

ISBN 978-0-9919197-7-2

Canadian Perspectives on the Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices


edited by

Julian Kitchen and Tom Russell (2012)

ISBN 978-0-9919197-1-0

(This is a revised version. 
Changes to the first version
have been made on pages iii, 
v., x, and 35)