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Statement of Support from the Canadian Association for Teacher Education Executive
regarding the Black Canadian Studies Association withdrawal from Congress 2021

The Canadian Association for Teacher Education’s (CATE) Executive would like to express solidarity with our colleagues in Black Canadian Studies Association (BCSA) in their decision to withdraw from Congress. We stand with other CSSE Associations (CACS, CIESC, CASIE) in supporting the requests by the BCSA to waive congress fees for BCSA members and the restitution of a future CSSE conference theme based on Black Studies. We acknowledge the decision by the Federation to waive fees for Black and Indigenous Scholars was taken after BCSA had withdrawn from Congress.

We recognize the importance of ongoing opportunities for anti-racist and anti-colonial work in education. As an association of teacher educators, we need to engage in these reflexive and challenging conversations to use them as critical catalysts in our work to prepare future educators and in our engagements with current educators. We recognize we are part of CSSE and need to take responsibility within our own organization for bringing about change. We encourage CATE members to attend the CSSE Town Hall on Systemic Change within its Associations (June 2, 10:30 AM MST) and the CSSE AGM (June 2, 11:55 AM MST). We are also forwarding this letter to the CSSE leadership team.

Within CATE we will begin by:
● Promoting conference sessions with equity, decolonization and social justice themes
● Advertising our Symposiums on equity, culturally-responsive practices and the ethics of care
● Spotlight our panel on Teacher Education in Tumultuous Times
● Plan for featured sessions and speakers on anti-Black racism and other forms of discrimination
● Providing background information to our members and sharing this letter as our initial response
● Sharing this response at our CATE AGM and solicit member input for next steps (such as a working group, a forum, a pre-conference and/or a publication)
● Considering the findings and calls from the Federation’s Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization
● Communicating to our members through our newsletter about our collective responsibility for responding to and addressing racism and confronting the challenges of
teaching and researching anti-racist education

CATE wishes to thank our BCSA colleagues for continuing to raise these issues and we look
forward to addressing them within our association, CSSE and the Federation.


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