2018 CATE/ACFE & TATE/TFEE Pre-Conferenceat CSSE 2018, University of Regina
Let’s Get Critical: Examining and Moving Forward with (e)Portfolios
Saturday May 26th 2018, 1-4 pm  Education Building ED 315
How is it that we have been exploring (e)portfolios for more than 30 years in teacher education and yet our experiences and practices regarding (e)portfolios elicit moans, groans and tears? CATE and TATE are joining forces to find the synergies in our work. Come join us at the CATE/TATE pre-conference where we will explore diverse perspectives on how to deepen and enrich our work with (e)portfolios across our programs. We will begin with Canadian teacher educators offering examples, possibilities, challenges and critiques on (e)portfolio enactment.
Alec Courcos – (URegina)
Trista Hollweck (UOttawa)
Kathy Sanford & Tim Hopper (UVictoria)
Lisa Starr (McGill)
Norm Vaughan (Mount Royal)
We will then move into breakout groups to explore topics such as:
  • Digital documentation of learning
  • (e)portfolios as formative assessment tools
  • Reflexivity and identity development through (e)portfolios
  • Aligning portfolio development and use with K-12 practice and contexts
  • (e)portfolios in the job search and beyond to support teacher growth and development
Nathalie Pender
Caroline Riches
Leyton Schnellert
CATE Members-at-Large





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