York University (in person)

Rob And Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building (MB) G102

Time: 1:30 – 4:15 P.M. / 13 h 30 – 16 h 15


Rebuilding networks and connections over a cup of tea…or three!

After three years of nearly virtual conferencing and meetings, we are (re)learning the art of meeting and connecting with people. Our goal with this pre-conference is to provide space for people to rebuild relationships and to make new connections with others in teacher education. To identify common challenges and to leave with new projects, new strategies, new goals and new partners to work with.

The structure of the pre-conference is keeping in mind the focus/theme : (un)conferencing. We invite you all to take this opportunity after a gap of two years to connect, interact, share and reform relationships with each other. In order to build back these connections over our shared interests of research in teacher education and several aspects of it like public policy and narrative around Teacher education, curricular developments and movements over the course of the last decade, changing/evolving conversation around professional development programs but not limited to.


Past Events
2019 CATE Pre Conference at CSSE 2019, University of British Columbia
Design Thinking and Teacher Education
Saturday June 1st 2019, 2-5 pm, Ponderosa Commons: Oak House (PCOH) 1001

In the field of education, design thinking has witnessed an increase in interest nationally and internationally. We will be considering Design Thinking from a variety of perspectives from university to school contexts, always placing the student at the centre and with a view to how Design Thinking can innovate our practice. Please join us and be part of this informative and important dialogue. This pre-conference may also be of benefit in preparing a submission for the October 2019 Working Conference “Preparing Teachers as Curriculum Designers”.

We will begin with Canadian teacher educators offering examples, possibilities, challenges and critiques of Design Thinking in schools.


Dr. Sharon Friesen, University of Calgary

Dr. Doug Clark, University of Calgary

Dr. Lisa Starr. McGill University

Dr. Sheryl Smith-Gilman. McGill University

We will then move in to breakout sessions to engage in professional dialogue and sharing of successes, challenges and application of design thinking in teacher education.

Guiding questions:

  • How can design thinking inform teacher education programs and program revisioning?

  • How do we incorporate design thinking processes in our teacher education programs that support teacher candidates in becoming design thinkers?

Light refreshments will be served.
Register soon to guarantee your spot.  Please note that the preconference is on Saturday, June 1st from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. Book your travel plans accordingly.   

CATE Pre-conference Registration Information [link to google form]

If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Riches at or Joy Chadwick at


Past Events

2018 CATE/ACFE & TATE/TFEE Pre-Conference at CSSE 2018, University of Regina

Let’s Get Critical: Examining and Moving Forward with (e)Portfolios
Saturday May 26th 2018, 1-4 pm  Education Building ED 315
How is it that we have been exploring (e)portfolios for more than 30 years in teacher education and yet our experiences and practices regarding (e)portfolios elicit moans, groans and tears? CATE and TATE are joining forces to find the synergies in our work. Come join us at the CATE/TATE pre-conference where we will explore diverse perspectives on how to deepen and enrich our work with (e)portfolios across our programs. We will begin with Canadian teacher educators offering examples, possibilities, challenges and critiques on (e)portfolio enactment.
Alec Courcos – (URegina)
Trista Hollweck (UOttawa)
Kathy Sanford & Tim Hopper (UVictoria)
Lisa Starr (McGill)
Norm Vaughan (Mount Royal)
We will then move into breakout groups to explore topics such as:
  • Digital documentation of learning
  • (e)portfolios as formative assessment tools
  • Reflexivity and identity development through (e)portfolios
  • Aligning portfolio development and use with K-12 practice and contexts
  • (e)portfolios in the job search and beyond to support teacher growth and development
Nathalie Pender
Caroline Riches
Leyton Schnellert
CATE Members-at-Large





2017 -Reconciliation and Teacher Education: Sharing and Extending our Practice
2016 – Neoliberalism and Teacher Education: Critical Conversations
2015 – Mindfulness and Well-Being in Teacher Education
2014 – Action Research in Teacher Education (inauguration of the CAARE SIG)