Working Conference Publications


Online learning and teaching from kindergarten to graduate school


Michele Jacobsen and Cathryn Smith


Preparing Teachers as Curriculum Designers



Jodi Nickel & Michele Jacobsen


What Should Canadas Teachers Know – Hirschkorn and Mueller Eds


edited by

Mark Hirschkorn and Julie Mueller (2016)


ISBN 978-0-9947451-6-3


Change and progress in Canadian teacher education: Research on recent innovations in teacher preparation in Canada


edited by

Lynn Thomas and Mark Hirschkorn (2015)


ISBN 978-0-9947451-0-1


Becoming teacher sites for teacher development in Canadian Teacher Education


edited by

Lynn Thomas (2014)


ISBN 978-0-9919197-9-6



Publications from prior working conferences

2011: What is Canadian about Teacher Education in Canada? Multiple Perspectives on Canadian Teacher Education in the Twenty-First Century 

2010: The Question of Evidence in Research in Teacher Education in the Context of Teacher Education Program Review in Canada Volume 1, Volume 2

2009: Field Experiences in the Context of Reform of Canadian Teacher Education Programs Volume 1, Volume 2

2007: Proceedings from the 2007 Working Conference – the FIRST Working Conference