Summer 2015


Hello CATE members!

I would like to welcome all new members to our Association and thank returning members for their continuing support and contributions. I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our Annual General Meeting in Ottawa this year on Monday June 1st at 4:30 p.m. following our CATE/ACFE Invited Panel session and preceding our CATE/ACFE dinner to be held at the Canal Ritz at 7:00 p.m. I won’t reiterate the details of our many association events as they are included below and available in the CSSE program. What I would like to highlight is my appreciation for the hard work of your executive this year and encourage many of you to consider running for elected positions this coming year.

The presidential roles remain as they are for the coming year with Jodi Nickel (Vice President), Julie Mueller (President), and Mark Hirschkorn (Past President). Our Secretary-treasurer (Kim Calder-Stegemann), Communications Director (Lee Airton), one Member-at-Large (Kathy Sanford) and one Graduate Student Representative (Arzina Zaver) will also continue on the executive to complete their two year terms. We will however, be seeking nominations (self or other) for the following positions:

Executive Positions:

  • 1 Member at Large (2015-2017)

  • 1 Member-at-Large—Francophone (2015-2017, pending approval of Amendment to Constitution at AGM)

  • 1 Graduate Student Representative (2015-2017)

Other Elected Positions:

  • 1 Canadian Journal of Education Representative

  • 2 CATE Award for Research Contributions Committee Members

Please see the descriptions of each role. If you are interested in letting your name stand for any of these roles, please send your name and a brief bio (100 words) to describe your possible contribution to Julie Mueller, CATE/ACFE President. Statements from nominees are available here if you would like to learn more about them before the AGM. Nominees will be given a chance to introduce themselves at the meeting and voting will be done by secret ballot during the meeting.

I look forward to welcoming you to our CATE/ACFE events at CSSE next weekend!



2015 CATE/ACFE Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Teacher Education

The CATE/ACFE Executive Committee would like to congratulate Dr. D. Jean Clandinin, 2015 recipient.


CATE - Dr. D. Jean Clandinin

D. Jean Clandinin is Professor and Founding Director of the Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development at the University of Alberta. A former teacher, counsellor, and psychologist, she is author or co-author of 12 books. Four books and many chapters and articles were published with Michael Connelly. Their latest book, Narrative Inquiry, was published in 2000. She also authored three other books: the first based on her doctoral research, the second based on research from an experimental teacher education program and her most recent book Engaging in Narrative Inquiry. A 2006 book co-authored with seven former students, Composing Diverse Identities: Narrative Inquiries into the Interwoven Lives of Children and Teachers, drew on several years of research with children and teachers in urban schools. This book has been awarded the 2006 Narrative Research Special Interest Group Outstanding Book award and the 2007 AERA Division B Outstanding Book Award. She edited the Handbook of Narrative Inquiry: Mapping a methodology (Sage, 2007). Places of Curriculum Making, published in 2011, was awarded the 2012 AERA Narrative Research Special Interest Group Outstanding Book award. Composing Lives in Transition (2013) is a narrative inquiry of the experiences of youth who left school before graduating. Her latest co-authored book Narrative Conceptions of Knowledge: Towards Understanding Teacher Attrition is about the experiences of teachers who leave teaching within their first five years of teaching. She is working with Sean Lessard, Vera Caine and Janice Huber on a new book entitled Engaging in Narrative Inquiry with Children and Youth.

She is past Vice President of Division B (Curriculum Studies) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and is the 1993 winner of AERA’s Early Career Award. She is the 1999 winner of the Canadian Education Association Whitworth Award for educational research. She was awarded AERA’s Division B Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002. She is a 2001 winner of the Kaplan Research Achievement Award, a 2004 Killam Scholar, and the 2008 Larry Beauchamp Award from the University of Alberta. She is the 2009 winner of the Killam Mentoring Award and the 2010 winner of the Graduate Teaching Award at the University of Alberta. She won the 2015 AERA Division K Legacy Award and the 2015 International Study Association of Teachers and Teaching STAR award. Currently she is working on four major projects: a study of the educational experiences of Aboriginal youth and families; a narrative inquiry of principals’ experiences; a study of the familial curriculum making of young children and their families, and a study of early career teacher attrition.

Within the field of education, Dr. Clandinin’s research has had a profound impact upon the related areas of teacher knowledge, teacher education and narrative inquiry. Her research on teachers’ personal practical knowledge has altered our understanding of the role that teachers play in curriculum making in their classrooms and of the need for incorporating this knowledge into teacher education programs. She has been instrumental in the development of narrative inquiry as a methodology for conducting research in the social sciences.


CATE/ACFE Thesis and Dissertation Awards of Recognition

Congratulations, 2015 recipients!

Please visit our Awards page to learn about each recipient’s research, and be sure to attend the CATE/ACFE AGM (more information below) to meet these up-and-coming teacher education scholars!

Thank you also to our 2015 Book Donors who help us in recognizing award winners.




Alexandra Bissel
Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Korteweg (Lakehead)
Building bridges in indigenizing education: Digital narratives as a means of shifting non-Indigenous teacher horizons towards relationality



Marsha Costello
Supervisor: Dr. Anne Murray-Orr (St. Francis Xavier)
An Inquiry into Teacher Professionalism: How Elementary Language Arts Teachers Experience the Implementation of Literacy Initiatives



Michael Holden
Supervisor: Dr. Julian Kitchen (Brock)
Associate-Candidate Relationships: A Study of Teacher Education Field Experiences



Tenille Cooper
Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Lock (Calgary)
Educator Learning 2.0: Exploring Educators’ Use of Twitter to Support Professional Learning



Punita Lumb
Supervisor: Dr. Dolana Mogadime (Brock)
Religious Diversity and Teacher Education: Experiences and Perspectives of Muslim Women as Teacher Candidates in Pre-service Programs





Dr. Cathryn Smith
Supervisor: Dr. Francine Morin (Manitoba)
Developing Teacher Leaders for Social Justice: Building Agency through Community, Critical Reflection and Action Research



Dr. Lisa Starr
Supervisor: Dr. Kathy Sanford (Victoria)
We lead who we are: A collaborative inquiry to inform educational leadership praxis



Dr. Lynne Driedger-Enns
Supervisor: Dr. M. Shaun Murphy (Saskatchewan)
A Narrative Inquiry into the Identity Making of Two Early-Career Teachers: Understanding the Personal in Personal Practical Knowledge



Dr. Rob Graham
Supervisors: Dr. Murray Saunders & Dr. Sue Cranmer (Lancaster University, UK)
Techno-Resiliency: An Exploration of Professional Practices in the Field of Technology-Enriched Teaching and Learning



Dr. Tasnim Dharamsi
Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Smith (Simon Fraser)
Living within the Hermeneutic Circle: Interpreting the Curricular Inquiry of Canadian Secondary Ismaili Religious Education Teachers





2015 CATE Keynote

Tuesday June 2nd, 3-4:15 PM
Room: LMX221

Inner Wisdom: A Foundation for Being a Teacher
Dr. Thomas Falkenberg (Manitoba)


The presentation takes its starting point in the assumption that at the core of teaching is the direct engagement of teacher and student(s). Van Manen has coined the term “pedagogical moments” for moments of such engagement in which the teacher is called upon to respond in that very moment, even if that means to hold off any action. What is the foundation upon which teachers respond in such moments? The presentation will suggest that it is the functioning of our “inner life” (feelings, thoughts, intentions, etc.) at that very moment and how we work with our inner life that frames and even directs how we respond. Thus, a teacher’s capacity to do “inner work” (working on and with what we attend to and notice of our inner life) becomes important for teaching and teacher education. The presentation will theorize about inner life and inner work for teaching, draw on existing practices of “mind work” (e.g., mindfulness practices) as part of such inner work, and will – drawing on first-hand experiences – suggest the place of such inner work in teacher education.

Thomas Falkenberg is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba. He has published in a range of educational fields of study, including teacher education. Thomas is a former president of CATE and a co-creater (with Hans Smits) of the working conference series on Canadian teacher education research. He is also the editor of the Handbook of Canadian Research in Initial Teacher Education, which will be published in fall 2015. Thomas is currently the Coordinator of the Education for Sustainable Well-Being Research Group at the U of M ( More details about his research and academic background can be found at


CATE/ACFE Panel of Experts in Teacher Education

Monday June 1st, 3-4:15 PM
Room: LMX124

2015 THEME:

What counts as knowledge in education settings?
Disciplinary Knowledge and Curriculum Inquiry

Dr. Margaret Macintyre Latta (UBC)
Dr. Jean-Paul Restoule (OISE/UofT)
Dr. Alan Sears (New Brunswick)

followed by…

Monday June 1st, 4:30-5:45 PM
Room: LMX124

*Annual reports from SIGS and the Executive Committee are available for review prior to the AGM.

Please join us after the AGM for the Annual CATE/ACFE Dinner!

7PM until late at the Canal Ritz
375 Queen Elizabeth Drive (at Fifth)
Table d’hote $32/person plus tax and gratuities
RSVP by clicking here


CATE/ACFE Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday June 2nd, 8:30-9:45 AM
Room: LMX455

Reflections from attendees at The International Summit on the Teaching Profession
Held March 29-30 in Banff, Alberta

Dr. Kirk Anderson, Dean of Education (Memorial)
Dr. Julie Desjardins, Associate Dean (Sherbrooke)
Dr. Ron MacDonald, Dean of Education (PEI)
Dr. Jodi Nickel, Chair, Department of Education (Mount Royal)

The International Summit on the Teaching Profession began in 2011 as a flagship forum for international dialogue on transformation in education. It brings together education ministers, union leaders and other teacher leaders to identify each country’s educational goals. The 2015 forum centred on the OECD document entitled: Schools for 21st-Century Learners Strong Leaders, Confident Teachers, Innovative Approaches by Andreas Schleicher. It is based on comparative analysis from several OECD publications including PISA results. At this town hall meeting, participants who attended will provide an overview of the summit and provide time for discussing the implications for teacher education in Canada.


CATE/ACFE Annual Graduate Student Panel

Wednesday June 3rd, 11:30-1 PM
Room: LMX451

2015 THEME:
Setting Yourself Up for Success and Preparing for Post-Graduate Employment

This session is intended for graduate studies contemplating their post-graduate plans. Panelists currently working or preparing to work in a variety of fields including academia, consulting, and lab research will discuss how to prepare yourself for entering the job market including marketing your skills, how to find jobs and what you can do from now to set yourself up for success.

Hope to see you there!

Kellie Baker & Arzina Zaver, CATE/ACFE Graduate Student Representatives


CATE/ACFE Pre-Conference 2015: Mindfulness and Well-Being in Teacher Education

Saturday May 30th, 1-4 PM
Room: LMX121

Please join us in an interactive afternoon of discussions, connections, sharing and explorations of contexts that support mindful teaching and a pedagogy of well-being in teacher education and schools. Referring to Kabat-Zinn’s (1991) seminal definition, mindfulness strengthens one’s capacity to pay attention, non-judgmentally, to one’s thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. Research suggests that mindfulness skills can increase educators’ sense of well-being and teaching self-efficacy, and maintain supportive relationships with students (Meiklejohn et al. 2012; Soloway et al. 2011). Acknowledging the increasing evidence base for the efficacy of mindfulness practices that support a pedagogy of well-being, a panel of presenters will share their experiences with mindful educational practices supporting teaching and learning in higher education.



1:00 – Introduction & Panel Presentation, Dr. Karen Ragoonaden (UBC Okanagan)!

  • Dr. Lee Airton, The first one there and the last to leave: Teacher candidates, mental health & professionalization (OISE)

  • Dr. Chris Gilham, Mindfulness & higher education (St. Francis-Xavier)

  • Dr. Michelle Kilbourne, Wellness-oriented curriculum & pedagogy (Memorial)

  • Dr. Morgan Gardner, A four part harmony (Memorial)

2:00 – Organization of four break-out groups in relation to the broader theme of each presentation

2:15 – Health Break

2:30 – Break out groups: Sharing of practices and resources (LMX 241, 242, 243, 244)

3:30 – Conclusion: Sharing our new knowledge with the group


To register or for more information, please contact CATE Member-at-Large Karen Ragoonaden.


Technology and Teacher Education SIG (TATE) Pre-Conference and Dinner

Saturday May 30th, 2-4 PM

The Technology and Teacher Education (TATE) SIG will be holding their pre-conference session on Saturday May 30th from 2 to 4pm in Vanier Room 1042 (the Teaching Learning Support Services Training Space). Dr. Alec Couros from the University of Regina will be facilitating a workshop on open thinking and education (

The TATE SIG will then be hosting a dinner at the Canal Ritz ( at 6pm on Saturday May 30th.

Please email Norm Vaughan ( if you would like to attend.



New publication from the 2013 CATE/ACFE Teacher Education Working Conference!

Change and progress in Canadian teacher education:
Research on recent innovations in teacher preparation in Canada

edited by Lynn Thomas (Sherbrooke) & Mark Hirschkorn (New Brunswick)

Available for download from CATE.


2015 CATE Teacher Education Working Conference

November 5-7 at OISE

The 2015 CATE/ACFE Working Conference is a go! From November 5th to 7th, at the UofT (OISE) in Toronto, CATE/ACFE will be hosting the 8th Teacher Education Working Conference. This year’s theme is What Should Canada’s Teachers Know? Teacher Capacities: Knowledge, Beliefs and Skills. Full details regarding the working conference will be discussed at the CATE/ACFE AGM on June 1st during CSSE in Ottawa. Read a description of the theme and tentative schedule here.


CSSE Post-Conference: Canadian Association for Research in Early Childhood (CAREC)

‘The Decline of Children’s Play in the 21st Century’: Rhetoric or Reality?

Is play at risk in the 21st century? Much has been written on the potential for children’s play to be usurped by more rigorous academics in early childhood curricula and by the growing trend of commercialization (Hill, 2011). This discourse prioritizes play as a means to an end (i.e., play for learning; play to combat obesity), but what of children’s right to play? Some of the polarization within academic studies point to a decline in children’s imaginative play (Bishop, 2009; Kline, 1993) and a characterization of children ‘glued’ to screens instead of climbing trees (Buckingham, 2011; Louv, 2008). Other academics have found that children’s play is not in decline. Rather children’s 21st Century play appears to be complex, ambiguous, and a hybrid of the varied aspects of children’s lives (Willett, Burn, Bishop, Richards, & Marsh, 2013). Join scholars, researchers, and practitioners for an informative and engaging day of presentations, networking, and critical dialogue on the role of play in early childhood education, preschool, and the early primary years. CAREC will be editing a special section in the Canadian Journal of Education based on the theme of this year’s conference.

The Post-Conference program is now available.

For updates on this conference and other CAREC postings, please follow us on Facebook.


Invitation – CATE/ACFE Graduate Student Email Group

The Graduate Student Representatives to the CATE executive committee would like to make contact with graduate students who have an interest in the area of teacher education in order to inform students about the upcoming spring 2015 CSSE conference and the CATE session designed specifically for graduate students. If you are interested in being a part of this e-mail group please contact one of the addresses below.

Kellie Baker (Memorial) and Arzina Zaver (OISE/UT), CATE Graduate Student Representatives


A Message from the Canadian Journal of Education

CJE is Canada’s flagship journal of educational research, publishing research and scholarly writing that is of relevance to the Canadian education community. The CJE is read by scholars worldwide, and aims to represent the valuable contributions that Canadian scholars in education continue to make to the field. With more than 2000 registered readers, the Journal delivers a large and engaged audience to its authors. SCImago ranks the CJE very highly in Canada, with an H-index of 16 and an impact factor of 0.236 (SCImago, 2013). CJE aims to ensure that the the journal includes manuscripts from the breadth of disciplines within education, and is committed to publishing articles of the highest quality, from both new and established scholars, in both French and English. CJE is sponsored by the membership of CSSE, and is very pleased to receive articles authored by CSSE members. The editorial team is committed to bringing submission to press as quickly as possible. The CATE/ACFE executive would like to encourage members to consider CJE when seeking publication venues for research on Canadian education.




BOOK SIGNING @ Sunday May 31st 10AM @ the Peter Lang booth

Contested Sites in Education: The Quest for the Public Intellectual, Identity and Service

Edited by Karen Ragoonaden

This edited volume discusses the challenges faced by a Faculty of Education transitioning from a university college to a research intensive university and the ensuing vagaries of tenure and promotion within the academic context of negotiating the neo-liberal agenda of supply and demand.This book offers provocative insights into the impact of change on the sense of agency and the ensuing consequences on the personal and professional identities of seven academics at various stages of their career. Recognizing the serious debate surrounding the raison d’être of Higher Education, (Emberley, 1996; Christensen & Eyring, 2011), this volume explores how faculty members wrestled with the inherent tension of the corporatization of the university ensconced in research intensive mandates, and the challenge of fulfilling their formative mission: to develop intellectual and cultural resources to prepare themselves and their students for lives of significance and responsibility (Sullivan & Rosin, 2008).

Order here.


12th Annual Summer Institute on Early Childhood Development:
Wellness in an Integrated Workforce

June 5th 2015
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Children and families face many stressors and need knowledgeable and skilled early childhood professionals offering support. Meanwhile the sector itself faces challenges as it adapts to a shifting landscape and expectations to work in a more integrated way with other educators, families and their children. These realities serve as an impetus to identify and examine both the policies and practices that contribute to the well being of staff, families and children.

The changing education landscape in Ontario has created full day kindergarten for over 250,000 children, created 10,000 new early childhood positions working in partnership with kindergarten teachers and other educators. It has also shifted the responsibility of child care, family support and early intervention into the Early Years Division of the Ministry of Education.

This year’s Summer Institute on Early Child Development will focus on strategies to support workforce well being through cross-sector collaborations in schooling, family support and early intervention programs. Panellists include researchers, practitioners and policy thinkers in education and family support. For more information, please view the full program.



Musica Est Donum, Vol. 1(2) Fall 2015 Issue (ISSN 2369-1581)
Deadline: August 31st 2015

Musica Est Donum (music is a gift), is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published bi-annually. We invite submissions for our Fall 2015 issue that critically describe and celebrate the extraordinary role that music plays in our daily lives. In particular, MED encourages articles that promote the educational, social, cultural, economic, political, religious, and psychological aspects of musical experiences. Generally speaking, musical experiences are rooted in the passive and active consumption of music, as well as the creative process involved in the composition and/or performance of music.

MED publishes articles in a variety of scholarly formats, including original research, opinion papers, general discussions, book reviews, and selected creative works (musical compositions and arrangements, visual art, film, fictional narratives, etc.). For more information visit our website.



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