Summer 2016

2016 CATE Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to Teacher Education

The CATE Executive Committee would like to congratulate Dr. Deborah Britzman, 2016 recipient.

Deborah Britzman is Distinguished Professor of Research at York University in Toronto, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and psychoanalyst, with a small private practice. Prior to her doctoral work, Britzman taught secondary high school English and reading for five years in Hartford, Conn. She holds her doctorate degree from the University of Massachusetts (1985), taught at the State University of New York (Binghamton) for six years, and then in 1993, to Canada to assume a Faculty position at York University. She is a member of the Faculty of Education and holds numerous graduate cross appointments.

Britzman is author of nine books, seven of which address the field of psychoanalysis and education. Her most recent books are, The Very Thought of Education: Psychoanalysis and the Impossible Professions (SUNY Press, 2009); Freud and Education (with Routledge, 2011); A Psychoanalyst in the Classroom (2015, SUNY Press); and Melanie Klein: Early Analysis, Play and the Question of Freedom (Springer 2016). Since 1986, Britzman has authored over 100 articles and book chapters.

Britzman’s current research involves studies in mental health with an emphasis on the emotional world of affecting education. Highlighted are literary, clinical, historical, and narrative representations of the education and practices of teachers, professors, students and psychoanalysts. Her most cited book remains, Practice Makes Practice: A Critical Study of Learning to teach (2nd edition 2003, with SUNY Press).

Please join us at the CATE/ACFE AGM to honour Dr. Britzman and to hear her remarks.

CATE Thesis and Dissertation Awards of Recognition

Please visit our Awards page to learn about each recipient’s research, and be sure to attend the CATE/ACFE AGM (more information below) to meet these up-and-coming teacher education scholars!

Thank you also to our 2016 Book Donors who help us in recognizing award winners.




Sally Holdsworth
But what if I fail? A meta-synthetic study of the conditions for supporting teacher innovation



Eleftherios (Terry) Soleas
New teacher perceptions of inclusive practices: Designing new futures for the changing classroom





Dr. Victorina Baxan
Uncovering roots of diversity conceptions teacher candidates in a concurrent teacher education program: A case study of teaching and learning about diversity


Dr. Deborah Gail Lambert
Building digital video games at school: A design-based study of teachers’ design of instruction and learning tasks to promote student intellectual engagement, deep learning and development of 21st century competencies


Dr. Kimberley Holmes
Learning, breathing and well-being: Teachers’ reflections on pedagogical possibilities through mindfulness


Dr. Cristyne Hebert
(Student) teaching inside the box: Stories of teaching and learning in and against the edTPA


Dr. Christine Massing
An ethnographic study of immigrant and refugee women’s knowledge construction in an early childhood teacher education program


Dr. Sreemali Herath
Teachers as transformative intellectuals in post-conflict reconciliation: A study of Sri Lankan language teachers’ identities, experiences and perceptions


Dr. Sharon Allan
Borderlands of possibility: An interpretive case study exploring the construction of professional identity with intern teachers


Dr. Mira Gambhir
Images of the diversity educator: Indian and Canadian perspectives on diversity education in initial teacher education


Dr. Carol Johnson
Developing a framework for online music courses






The following positions will be open for nomination and election at the 2016 CATE/CAFE AGM.
Please consult the position descriptions on our website.

Vice President
Communications Director
Member at Large (1)
Graduate Student Representative (2)
CSSE New Scholar Committee (CATE/ACFE Representative)
CATE Award for Research Contribution Committee (CATE/ACFE Representative) (1)

CATE/ACFE members who have kindly put their names forward for the election are as follows:



Michele Jacobsen, University of Calgary,

Michele Jacobsen is a Professor and the Associate Dean, Graduate Programs in Education, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary. As Associate Dean, Michele provides academic leadership for research and professional graduate programs in educational research and educational psychology that serve over 1200 students. Michele works closely with an excellent team, including GPE administrators, academic faculty members, doctoral and masters students, to engage in and support high quality research and scholarship in blended and fully online learning environments. Michele’s own research program has focused on technology-enabled learning and teaching in K-12 classrooms, schools, school jurisdictions and post-secondary contexts using case study and design-based approaches to research. Michele examines and creates innovative designs for teaching and learning that shift instruction from standardized delivery and testing to participatory pedagogies in technology enabled learning environments that sponsor knowledge building, intellectual engagement and assessment for learning. Michele also studies research ethics, policy and guidelines to inform Internet and indigenous research methodologies. Michele has been actively involved in CATE since 1996, first as a doctoral student and then as a faculty member, and in a variety of ways, from presenter, discussant, peer reviewer, award nominator and as a graduate supervisor. As a thriving association of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE), Canadian Association for Teacher Education (CATE) is a pan-Canadian community of scholars who hold deep expertise and diverse knowledge about teacher education. As Vice-President of CATE, Michele commits to active engagement with our national network of CATE members, graduate students and the CATE Executive to promote dialogue, research and collaboration on teacher education, and to build and extend upon present initiatives that mobilize knowledge and innovations arising from our collective research and scholarship and to expand upon the fine tradition of recognizing excellence through the CATE awards program.



Nancy Maynes, Nipissing University,

Dr. Nancy Maynes has been teaching at Nipissing University in the Schulich School of Education for the last 10 years, after a career in the public school system as a teacher, consultant, coordinator, vice-principal, and principal. She has been involved as a member of CATE for all of the time she has taught at Nipissing, and has served on CATE committees and as a co-editor of a recent book about teacher hiring across Canada, for the CATE Polygraph series. Nancy has served as secretary/treasurer for several organizations and has been secretary of the Faculty Council within the Schulich School of Education. Nancy is also a small business owner and is familiar with accounting practices that can be applied to the Treasurer’s role in this position.



Leyton Schnellert, UBC-Okanagan,

Leyton Schnellert is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Education at The University of British Columbia – Okanagan. His scholarship takes up teacher professional development. More specifically, Leyton’s research attends to how teachers and teaching and learners and learning can mindfully embrace student diversity, inclusive education, self- and co-regulation and pedagogical practices that draw from students’ and teachers’ funds of knowledge to build participatory, collaborative, and culturally responsive learning communities. Leyton is the Pedagogy and Participation research cluster lead in UBCO’s Institute for Community Engaged Research and co-chair of British Columbia’s Rural Education Advisory Committee. Leyton is interested in service that brings diverse perspectives together to explore commons interests, opportunities and challenges. The MAL role in co-coordinating the CATE pre-conference seems a good fit and an excellent opportunity to engage in scholarly, action-oriented explorations that bridge pre-service and inservice education.


Nan Stevens, Thompson Rivers University,

I have been a faculty member in the School of Education at Thompson Rivers University since 2001. I have attended two CATE working conferences and have contributed two chapters to the CATE journals. I am on sabbatical for one year starting July 1, 2016, thus I am able to serve the CATE executive when I need a break from writing my doctoral dissertation! In 2015, I was charged with coordinating the BC Teacher Education Roundtable hosted at TRU. The Roundtable is an annual conference where teacher educators from across the province meet to discuss current practices, changing policy, and share insights about emerging trends and challenges. As the Roundtable Coordinator, I chaired a committee of ten helpful organizers and was responsible for for overseeing the following tasks: booking the key note speaker and entertainment for the evening social, organizing paperless distribution of information and registration procedure, designing the schedule for the two day event, including room bookings, catering, accommodations, and workshop facilitators for four breakout sessions, and carrying out the MC duties for the evening social and workshop day. The theme of the conference was Indigenizing Teacher Education and 115 teacher educators were in attendance. Next year’s CSSE will be located at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. I was born and raised in Toronto and I know the city well. My experience in coordinating the Teacher Education Roundtable combined with my excellent organizational and communication skills make me an excellent candidate to support the CATE executive in carrying out their responsibilities.



Heather Coe, Queen’s University,

I am a third year PhD candidate at the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University. My doctoral research focuses on early years teaching and learning, with a specific interest in supporting student thriving in the Ontario Kindergarten classroom. As a researcher and project manager for the Social Program Evaluation Group, I have experience working as part of a team, communicating with multiple stakeholders, and implementing externally funded research projects. My service experience includes co-founding the Education Students’ Mental Health Initiative, organizing academic events (such as graduate student presentations and guest speakers), and helping to coordinate Rosa Bruno-Jofre Symposium in Education as the PhD student representative.


All nominations should be sent to CATE/ACFE President Julie Mueller as soon as possible.



The 2016 schedule of CATE events in Calgary is downloadable here in a convenient PDF.

*Now UPDATED with room numbers.*


2016 CATE/ACFE Keynote

“Dimensions of Teaching”
Dr. Sharon Friesen (University of Calgary)
Tuesday, May 31st, 3:00-4:15PM Room TBA

Dr. Friesen is founding partner and President of Galileo Educational Network
and is Vice Dean of Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary.


2016 Annual CATE/ACFE Panel of Experts

Critical Discourses on the Impact of Neoliberalism in Teacher Education
Monday May 30th 2016, 3:00-4:15PM Room TBA

Dr. John Portelli (OISE/University of Toronto)
Dr. Claudia Ruitenberg (University of British Columbia)
Dr. Renee Kuchapski (Brock University)
Dr. Peter Grimmett (University of British Columbia)

From the panelists’ informed positions, the panel will discuss how neoliberalism has influenced the field
of teacher education, teacher education programs, and individual institutional experiences.


2016 CATE/ACFE Annual General Meeting and Dinner

Monday May 30th, 4:15PM
Agenda, executive reports and the 2015 AGM minutes are available here.
Please take a moment to review them prior to the AGM.

Please consider donating a recent book for our annual book display at the AGM.

Each year at the CATE/ACFE Annual General Meeting, we display, promote, and celebrate resources and information that would be of value to Canadian teacher educators. For this purpose we put on a book display with recent publications in teacher education that may be of interest to our membership, prior to and during our AGM. At the close of the meeting, the books are given as prizes to graduate students who are the recipients of awards for their work in teacher education. If you or a colleague has recently published a book or series related to teacher education and would like to donate a copy or two of that work to CATE for the purpose above, please contact Julie Mueller. Thank you for your time and consideration in furthering the work of Canadian teacher educators.


2016 CATE/ACFE Dinner

Monday May 30th, 7PM
Workshop Kitchen and Culture
608 1st SW, Calgary, T2P 1M6
Dinner sign-up is available here.
For more information, contact Jodi Nickel.


2016 CATE/ACFE Pre-Conference

Neoliberalism and Teacher Education: Critical Conversations
Saturday May 28th 2016, 12-4PM

This pre-conference provides an opportunity for teacher education researchers to critically discuss and explore the impact neoliberalism has on teacher education in Canada and globally. Participants will first have opportunities to share their experiences about how neoliberalism has impacted their work, their programs, and societal expectations more generally. Secondly, it will invite participants to share their own responses, through research, teaching, or program change, to neoliberal influences in teacher education. We will also discuss the potential of subsequent writing/publishing opportunities of an edited volume. The following two questions will provide the framework for the Pre-Conference:

  • What are the impacts of neoliberalism on your institution, your teacher education programs, and your own work?

  • What are your responses (individually and collectively) in your research and at your institution to neoliberal influences?

Please RSVP by email to one of the CATE/ACFE Members-at-Large (Manu SharmaKathy Sanford or Nathalie Pender). Lunch will be provided at a nominal cost.

We are excited to delve into deep conversation with you soon!


2016 CATE/ACFE Graduate Student Panel

Getting published:
What education graduate students need to know about publishing in refereed journals

James Corcoran, Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education
Christopher DeLuca, Canadian Journal of Education
Marianne A. Larsen, Comparative and International Education
Sandra Mathison, Critical Education
Gregory P. Thomas, Alberta Journal of Educational Research
Sylvie Wald, Graduate student editor of McGill Journal of Education

In this professional development session, we will discuss the process of publishing in academic journals. Drawing on our experiences as authors/editors of peer-reviewed journals, we will share lessons learned on the publishing/editing process and address a number of questions that might be of interest to emerging scholars. What do we need to know while preparing a manuscript? How can we choose an appropriate journal for the manuscript? What happens to the manuscript after we submit it to the journal? We will also discuss some common reasons why manuscripts are not accepted for publication in refereed journals. This session is designed to be highly interactive, and we will focus primarily on the questions, concerns, and ideas that the attendees bring with them. We hope to give graduate students tangible skills and knowledge to embark on the process of getting their work published while pursuing their degree. Dates will be announced with the full program in the early spring. Organized by CATE/ACFE Graduate Student Representatives.


CATE/ACFE Special Event:
Discussion on the Challenges and Possibilities of Educational Research in French

Session 19 on Tuesday May 31st 2016, Room TBA
Hosted by Nathalie Pender (Memorial), CATE/ACFE Member-At-Large – Francophone

My name is Nathalie Pender and as a member of the executive of CATE, I have been mandated to organize a constructive discussion on the place of research in French, its difficulties, and the possible solutions to remediate them during the next congress in Calgary. I am inviting all CATE members to help me determine the topics of this discussion. Yours answers to the following questions and the work currently done by CSSE and CATE will allow us to organize a discussion based on your interests and opinions.

  • As Francophone researchers, we publish in French or in English. Is this by choice or by necessity?

  • Is it possible to do research in French in Canada?

  • Is it necessary to do so?

  • What are your own questions?

I hope to meet you in Calgary to continue this discussion. Thank you for your help.
Nathalie Pender


Emancipation through education: The role of teacher education in international contexts

Wednesday June 1st 2016, Room TBA

In response to our first CATE/ACFE Town Hall on International Education held last year in Ottawa following CATE members’ participation in the International Summit on the Teaching Profession, we are planning a second town hall style event this year in Calgary to open discussion related to teacher education from a global perspective. This year the discussion will examine the power of education and the role of teacher education in international contexts. Add this opportunity to participate in provocative discussion and debate with peers and colleagues, to your Calgary plans!


CATE/ACFE Special Joint Session
with the Association of Canadian Deans of Education (ACDE)

Are we admitting the right teacher candidates?
The future of admission processes for teacher education programs
Chairs: Dr. Chad London (Mount Royal) and Dr. Jodi Nickel (Mount Royal)

Dr. Ruth Childs (OISE/University of Toronto)
Dr. Kim Calder Stegemann (Thompson Rivers University)
Dr. Mary Jane Harkins (Mount Saint Vincent University)
Dr. Kent Hecker (University of Calgary)

For decades, teacher education programs have struggled to identify the most effective and efficient processes to admit teacher candidates (TC’s) who have the strongest likelihood of success in the program and the profession. This panel will discuss the types of “non-academic” admissions criteria and processes that are in use across the country including approaches increasingly used by other professional programs to assess critical professional skills such as collaboration, ethical decision-making, self-awareness, sense of responsibility, cultural sensitivity, communication, empathy and problem solving.





Canadian Association for Action Research in Education (CAARE) Congress Events

The CAARE executive warmly welcomes you to attend our events and become a member of CAARE. We look forward to seeing you!

CAARE will be hosting a book launch on May 30, 2016 (12:15-1:15pm) featuring current and influential action research work. This will be followed by our annual general meeting (1:30-2:45pm) with light snacks!

Dr. Antoinette Gagne and Dr. Clea “Methodologies for Researching Cultural Diversity in Education”
Dr. Kurt Clausen “Canadian Journal of Action Research”
Dr. Cathy Bruce “Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research”
Dr. Tim Pyrch “Education Action Research”

CAARE will also be featuring a keynote panel on June 1 (11:15-1:15pm) that discusses what action research projects can look like in a school and university setting. The panelists will draw upon their current roles to explain how they are involved in doing action research and how it has impacted the field of action research in education.

Dr. Antoinette Gagne, Associate Professor
Ms. Sheena Koops, Highschool Teacher
Yecid Ortega, Ph.D. Student
Liliana Beltran, Ph.D. Student

Finally CAARE is pleased to share that it will be offering two bilingual presentations and welcomes you to attend them:

1:30 – 2:45 P.M. / 13 h 30 – 14 h 45 29 May / Le 29 mai 2016

CAARE-ACRAÉ Symposium|Panel/Colloque|Panel

Le développement professionnel et la mobilisation des compétences
Alain Martel (SCEE), Paul Cadieux (), Guillaume Racine (Direction au CSDCEO), Jean Lamadeleine

4:30 – 5:45 P.M. / 16 h 30 – 17 h 45 29 May / Le 29 mai 2016

Multi-paper/Plusieurs communications

Collaborating to develop a school-wide wellness initiative to improve student health and well-being
Erin Cullingworth (Vancouver School Board), Sheila Marshall (University of British Columbia), Marion Doull (University of British Columbia), Claire Pitcher (University of British Columbia), Derek Roelofsen (University of British Columbia)


Canadian Association for Research in Early Childhood (CAREC)
Post-Conference 2016

June 2, 2016 University of Calgary


Mosaics of Possibilities: Researching & Teaching through the Arts in Early Childhood Education

Please plan on joining researchers and practitioners for an inspiring and informative day of engaging conversations, presentations, and critical discussions on the role of The Arts in early childhood education. Details are continiously updated on CAREC’s Facebook page.



Canadian Association for Research in Early Childhood (CAREC)
AGM 2016

The CAREC AGM will be held during the lunch break on Wednesday June 1st (light refreshments will be available-room location TBA). The election of a new SIG President will occur during the AGM so please plan on joining us. Information regarding the position and nomination process can be obtained from Debra Harwood.


Technology and Teacher Education (TATE) Pre-Conference

Saturday May 28th, 2-4PM
Inspiring a Passionate Commitment to Learning

Presenters: Dr. Sharon Friesen & Dr. Barb Brown

Galileo Educational Network (, in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary, creates promotes and disseminates innovative teaching, learning and leadership practices through research, professional learning and fostering collaboration across Canada both onsite and online. Presenters will share how students, teachers, administrators and faculty members are engaged in leading and learning, improvement and innovation and research and development. Six principles foundational to the work include: (1) stewarding the intellect through discipline-based inquiry; (2) infusing digital technologies; (3) providing high-quality assessment; (4) honoring collaboration and teamwork; (5) fostering scholarship of teaching and (6) providing practical, thought-provoking preparation for pre-service teachers. Using design-based professional learning strategies and design-based approaches to research serve to continually inform both theory and practice. A professional learning and research project focussing on STEM designs for learning will be highlighted as a current example of collaborative work with faculty members, Partner Research Schools and Galileo mentors and consultants.

The TATE SIG will then be hosting a dinner at Jameson’s Irish Pub at 3790 Brentwood Road NW (just across Crowchild Trail from the University of Calgary) at 6pm on Saturday May 28th.

Please email Norm Vaughan if you would like to attend.




A new journal, Teacher Learning and Professional Development, is now accepting submissions for consideration in its second and subsequent issues. The description from its website follows:

Teacher Learning and Professional Development (TLPD) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal that is broadly concerned with the challenges and complexities of learning to teach. We frame learning to teach as a lifelong process that includes formal pre-service and continuing education programs for teachers and a variety of informal experiences that contribute to teachers’ professional knowledge. We also recognize that the term teacher is typically taken to refer those who work as elementary or secondary school teachers; however, we adopt an holistic definition of teacher learning and professional development that includes the learning and development activities of anyone who teaches or self-identifies as a teacher. This expanded definition thus includes, but is not limited to, K-12 teachers, post-secondary teachers, adult educators, museum educators, community-based educators, coaches, and performing arts teachers.

The journal welcomes research papers that shed light on issues in teacher education and professional development from a variety of methodological approaches and disciplinary lenses.

Teacher Learning and Professional Development is the official journal of the Institute for Studies in Teacher Education at Simon Fraser University.

Editor: Dr. Shawn Bullock (

Please enjoy the first issue and feel free to email Shawn Bullock with any queries.
CATE - 2016 International Research Conference

The Innovation and Leadership in Education International Conference, sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi and Mount Royal University, will focus on leadership for professional growth and educational innovation. This unique event will bring together educational researchers, education experts, teachers, educational administrators, undergraduate students, and graduate students who have theoretical and practical knowledge of the education of children and adults. The confirmed keynote speakers are Kenneth Zeichner and Gloria Ladson-Billings. Please visit our conference website.


CATE/ACFE members are welcome to submit announcements for the next issue of the newsletter. Many thanks to those who contributed to this edition!